Drama Club

Westfield Middle School Drama Club

This year's NYC trip is to see the Broadway hit  

WMS Drama facts:

 - Director
Assistants - 

You must TRY-OUT to be considered for a part
Practice commitment is after school 2 days/per week up to 4 days/week and
then crunch week/dress rehearsal - every day until 5:30 PM

You must attend scheduled practices
3 unexcused missed practices - you will be OUT of your speaking role
Let know in advance if there is a problem with scheduled practice
Go to Extra Help after school
Go to prior commitments - dance, CCD, sports, Scouts
There are NO behavior problems
Listening is a MUST
This is an extra-curricular activity 

This year's play information:

Coming Soon!!!

e had a great turnout for this year's WMS Drama performance of !!!  Our great cast and crew did an amazing job!