Student Council

Student Council is based on leadership, responsibility and public service. Students interested in becoming members of student council submit an application in mid-September. The student council members are then selected by lottery, providing each homeroom with two representatives.

Responsibilities of student council members:
• Student council representatives organize and run activities and functions such as; Halloween Costume day, School Dances, Senior Citizen Holiday Luncheon, Spirit Week, The Annual Talent Show and the Grade 8 Farewell Dance.
• Student council representatives keep homerooms and teams up-to-date on events, gather information and promote activities/events through morning announcements and homeroom visits.
• Student council representatives should inspire classmates to participate in school activities and events.
• Student council representatives create posters, gather supplies, participate in sales, perform errands and contribute to meetings.

The student council will be advised by Ms. Palmer and Mrs. Megazzini.