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If you need help with research, contact Mrs. Scott in the WMS Library.


WMS Library Catalog

Comprehensive encyclopedia for middle school students.

 Academic articles, images, topic selections, and more for middle school students.
Biography In Context
Biographical and contextual information on notable people throughout history.
Literature Resource Center
Biography, criticism, and overviews on writers and specific works.
Science In Context
Academic articles, videos, research, and more on topics in science.
Global Issues In Context
International academic perspectives on global issues. 
World History In ContextAcademic articles, case studies, videos, and more on topics in world history.
U.S. History In Context
Academic articles, videos, primary documents, and more on topics in U.S. history.
Full-text of The New York Times from 1985-present.
Full-text of Boston Globe from 1980-present.

Regional, national, and world newspapers. 

Image result for pro con
Resource for exploring the pros and cons of controversial issues. 

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