Palmer, Kaitlyn - Science

November 5, 2012
"Today in Science..."

Students today were able to begin an awareness of the next unit, Energy and collected all of their work for the start of Concept Layer. You will see below the assignment list and each assignment for attachment.

Energy – Assignments Due Date:_

Concept Layer (35%) –All Assignments Necessary! Total of 45pts!


1.MUST DOEnergy Notes-Class taken, at home additional 5pts --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.
2.MUST DOEnergy Categories (Primary, Secondary) 5pt -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.
3.MUST DOWorksheet #18, 19 (Section 1,2,3 What is Energy?) 10pts ---------------------------------------------------------------------------.
4.MUST DOWorksheet # 17, 129 (The Nature of Energy, Overview) 10pts ------------------------------------------------------------------------------.
5.MUST DOWorksheet #133, 134 (Energy Conversion and Conservation) Select One Side to complete! 5pts
6.MUST DOWorksheet #157, 158 (Temperature and Thermal Energy, Converting Temps) 10pts

Concept Defense Questions (10%)-You have some questions on the computer that will address some concepts regarding

Energy, Types of Energy, Transfer of Energy, and Phases of Matter. This will appear more like a quiz than anything to you. Good Luck.

Below is a link to a youtube vid of my covering the topics that would be found on a quiz in regards to energy. If it helps to view to prep for quiz, but also to help you finish your Concept Layer worksheets.